FISCHERTECHNIK MURAH PROFI Profi Da Vinci Machines Fischer 500882


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Re-create Working Reproductions of da Vinci’s Mechanical DesignsBuild the precursors of modern machinery with this amazing construction kit. Featuring 10 different, fully functional models, these designs will allow you to get inside da Vinci’s head and re-create the master’s mechanical marvels. Perfect for anyone interested in exploring fundamentals of engineering and simple machinery. This is history you can get your hands on! Over 250 components for building the following models: Mechanical Wings Blacksmiths Tongs Crane with Pawl Stone Tongs Self-releasing Hook Catapult Chariot Scaling Ladder Drum Wagon File Cutting Machine Swing Bridge This set includes a 54-page full color instruction book for building all of the above models, and a multi-language, black and white activity guide filled with background information on Leonardo da Vinci and his inventions, as well as various suggested tasks for students to interact with the models. Recommended for students age 9 and above.
From the Manufacturer
This construction set combines several mechanical models, whose origin goes back to designs from Leonardo Da Vinci: file cutting machine, pivoting bridge and chariot. An activity booklet with numerous illustrations and descriptions for the original designs from Leonardo Da Vinci provides information, which is worth learning.
Product information
Product Dimensions 18.3 x 12.6 x 3.1 inches
Item Weight 2.73 pounds
Shipping Weight 4.41 pounds


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