MRT3-3, Intermediate Level

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Astep up level 1.2, learning basic using a variety of blocks making hardware and using the in-house program.

Rp‎ 2.990.000,00

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- 4 chapters (10 robots each level)

- 2 type controller( pre-programmed + programmable)

- 6V battery + 9V battery case

- Geared motors X2 (provided in level 1 kit)

- Servo motors X2 (provided in level 3/4 kit)

- IR, touch, CdS, MIC sensors/speaker, buzzer, LED

- IR remote controller, USB downloader

- MRT software (compiler)


1. Learning basic usages of a variety of blocks,making hardware and using the in-house program.

2. Provide English assembly manuals in each kit to teach kids how to assemble different models.

3. Encourage students take part in international robot competition -- IYRC in South Korea:

4. Different models with different functions and there are at least 9 different models in one kit.

5. Provide programmable mainboard and English guiding book with kit.