MRT3-2, Beginner Level

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Mid-level - A step up from level 1 and make more models with blocks and sensors, learn how to create your own models.

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- 4 chapters (10 robots each level)

- 2 type controller( pre-programmed + programmable)

- 6V battery + 9V battery case

- Geared motors X2 (provided in level 1 kit)

- Servo motors X2 (provided in level 3/4 kit)

- IR, touch, CdS, MIC sensors/speaker, buzzer, LED

- IR remote controller, USB downloader

- MRT software (compiler)


1. Improve children creativity, hand-on ability and thinking ability while children learn and play with our MRT3 series.

 2. Study and applying more science knowledge on different robots.

 3. Need share the preprogrammed mainboard from MRT3-1.

 4. Children could assemble at least 9 different models with one kit.

 5. The second kind of packages for customers to choose : plastic box that is better for children to hand take kits to schools and home.